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PILATES is the ideal form of exercise for everyone

Getting Started:  To establish a foundation in the technique, we require a Pilates Orientation session.  Participants will get an energizing total-body workout and learn about the reformer, its benefits, how to set it up and how it's used in a session format.

Specific programs are available for:

  • Sports fanatics who want to build core strength and improve their golf drive
  • Elite athletes who want to prevent or attend to injuries; rehab
  • Prenatal clients who want to enhance their fitness ability
  • New moms who want to get their pre-baby shape back
  • Mature adults who simply want to make getting out of bed easier


Pilates helps build strong, healthy muscles, improves blood flow, and engages all the muscles at the right time. In doing so, it works your body inside and out for optimal body conditioning.

Call today and schedule your
Pilates Orientation Session! 

FREE introduction classes available Monday evenings at 7:30.

CONTACT US AT 281.516.FIRM (3476)

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15014 Spring Cypress Rd. Ste. 110
Cypress TX  77429

(on the corner of Spring Cypress Rd. & Telge Rd.)

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